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All Interview Questions

All interview questions are listed below. Use this screen to review questions in isolation. Question order during the interview may change. In particular, based on users answers during the interview, some questions might not be shown at all.
1 [questionnaire.dg]OD1Please select a single answer

Does the data you wish to share already exist?

The degree to which you can make your data open depends on many factors, including ensuring that the funds are available for publishing the data and that appropriate permissions have been obtained. If data are already in existence, some of the barriers may not be solvable. For this reason, we have defined several levels of outcomes L1-L4. If you are in the planning process of your project, and want to publish open data, consult: Making data open by design to see some of the issues that should be considered up front.

2 [questionnaire.dg]isDigitalPlease select a single answer

Are the data digital?

3 [questionnaire.dg]formatPlease select a single answer

Are the data in a proprietary (closed) format?

4 [questionnaire.dg][#3]Please select a single answer

Can the data be converted into an open format?

5 [questionnaire.dg]rightsPlease select a single answer

Do you have the rights to make the data open?

Has permission been obtained from your institution, colleagues, subjects for you to publish this data under an open license? See permissions worksheet for guidance.

6 [questionnaire.dg]sensitivityPlease select a single answer

Is it sensitive data that cannot be fully openly shared?

7 [questionnaire.dg][#14]Please select a single answer

Were permissions obtained to share the data within regulatory requirements?

8 [questionnaire.dg][#17]Please select a single answer

Has a description of the data been published or the data refereed?

9 [questionnaire.dg]OD51Please select a single answer

Did you choose a license with minimal to no restrictions for data reuse?

Some appropriate licenses for open data are provided by the Open Definition

10 [questionnaire.dg][#6]Please select a single answer

Can the data be digitized?