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Data Repository Tagging

Tag a data repository using aspects realted to NIH's 2023 data policy

Version 0.1
Release Date 2021-06-01
Decision Graph:
Policy Space:
Policy Space

SizeLimits One of:
none contactRepo yes
Costs One of:
none _sometimes yes
Versioning One of:
notSupported supported
PHISupport One of:
notSupported supported
DataTypes One of:
multiple aminoSeq analysis array bioactivity capillary clinical clinicalTrials cxi datasetMetadata dicom edm em3d epigenomics exmoeSeq fcd fed flu g2pHuman genAssm genSeq genomics genomicsSV gpmDb hostoric hrem imaging immunology inorganic kinetic largeAssm macroStruct metabolite metabolomics metagonomics microarray mimd mind mirna mri msa msi nanom neuro neuroimaging ngs nmrs nr3d nrd omics phenotype physiological pid pnp proteinId proteinStruct protomics rid rnaSeq rnai sdsm sgpVariants smcs smr ssm tmsp transcriptomics wgsd
Domain One of:
multiple nucAci protSeq molStruct omicsFunctional omicsMetabol omicsProt cai cacb imaging neuroscience
HIPAACompliance One of:
nonCompliant compliant
Restrictions Some of:
NIHFunded publishedOnly
MetadataLevel One of:
none partial full
PID One of:
none supported generated
DOI One of:
notSupported supported
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